Best sunset viewing locations in Malta

The Maltese islands include a variety of spots where you may watch the sunset. Discover some of Malta’s greatest sunsets.

As summer approaches on the Maltese islands, the weather begins to warm and the days lengthen. Most people connect warm weather with days at the beach and picnics in one of the island’s numerous gardens and parks. However, the Maltese islands provide a variety of diverse settings and locations where you may experience some of the world’s most magnificent Malta sunset. Discover some of Malta’s greatest sunsets below.

• Mellieha, golden bay                                                                                     

The golden bay is one of Malta’s most popular places to watch the sunset. After spending the day at the beach, watch the sunset over the clear blue water. If it’s still too chilly to swim, go for a stroll in the local countryside before finding a beautiful position to see the natural beauty of the sun setting.

Mdina is located in one of the highest places on the island of Malta, providing breathtaking panoramic views all year. From here, one may enjoy the colors of the setting sun while observing other sites such as the Mosta dome. You may also enjoy the views from one of the surrounding tea cafes or eateries while eating great Maltese cuisine.

Dingli, a tiny town on Malta’s west coast, is about 250 meters above sea level, making it, along with Mdina, one of the highest locations in Malta. Dingli’s location directly on the shore provides breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, including a magnificent glimpse of filfla, an uninhabited islet 5 kilometers south of Malta. Needless to say, there are some spectacular sunset views from here.

• Gozo’s azure window

The famed dwejra location in Gozo around the azure window is known for its stunning vistas and has been featured in a number of films and television programmes. During sunset, when you can observe the pastel colors of the sky close to this renowned monument, the place becomes quite magnificent.

• Comino’s blue lagoon

The blue lagoon in Comino is one of the most beautiful and popular sites on the Maltese islands, thanks to its crystal blue waters. However, when the sun sets, the area gets calmer, giving it the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the pristine Mediterranean Sea with your loved ones.

• Tuffiea, gajn

A sandy natural beach flanked by clay mounds, limestone cliffs, and mediaeval towers. This beach is situated on the island of Malta’s northwestern coast. Bring a blanket and a bottle of your favourite beverage to enjoy as the sun sets over the glittering Mediterranean Sea.

• Ir-ri fomm

This little cove inside mgarr’s boundaries is flanked by white cliffs and pebbled beaches. This natural beauty preserve is not readily accessible by automobile, thus a good pair of walking shoes is strongly suggested. A short stroll towards the area’s feature, the spectacular cliffs, may lead to the perfect place for a panoramic sunset over the sea.

• The bastion swimming pool

Located at the far end of the Phoenicia’s opulent grounds the bastion pool in Malta. This quiet spot is nestled within Valletta’s mediaeval fortress bastions. From here, you can see the bastion walls become golden as the sun sets over marsamxett harbour.