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Malta Holidays

Malta is located in southern Europe and has one of the smallest capitals. Because of its beautiful climate and many recreational spots, Malta is a popular tourist destination. Malta holidays include visits to historic shrines and other world-class vocational destinations. There are beautiful stretches of sand and rocky terrains. Malta holidays can be a great choice for anyone looking for a romantic getaway or a relaxing vacation with the family.

Things to Do in Malta

It is known for its unique architecture, fascinating history, stunning beaches, and charming resorts. This archipelago, which lies calmly in the Mediterranean Sea’s waters, is one of the world’s most densely populated and smallest countries. The landscape of this country is varied, with sand stretches that stretch from the most beautiful sand stretches to rocky plains.

Festival “Lost and Found”

This festival is full of music and dancing. The festival features Annie Mac as the headline act. It also includes a beachside and hidden open-air venue. This will take the island by storm during the May bank holiday’s day & night parties.

Malta Cities

Malta is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. It’s no surprise that this sunny destination draws a lot of holidaymakers each year. Paradise Bay is a popular choice among the young Maltese elite because it has many bars and restaurants.

In Guardia Parade

Every Sunday, the In Guardia Parade is held. It’s an exciting display of pomp context. You should not leave Malta without experiencing a military drill by the garrison of Fort – an important part of Malta’s traditional gifts.

Try new drinks and cuisines

Last-minute all-inclusive hotels are available so you can try new cuisines. Lampuki is a traditional dish that is made from locally caught fish. It is also available as a stew with rabbit (Venkata), which is found on many Malta beaches.

Architecture in Malta

There is something for everyone in Malta, from beautiful architecture to fascinating stories to stunning beaches. You can relax, take in the sights, and enjoy delicious food. Valletta is a great place to go on a romantic getaway. You will love the narrow streets, cobblestones, and stunning sunsets. You can also visit Sliema or St Paul’s Bay for family-friendly activities and hotels. Lastminute.com is the best place to book your unforgettable holiday to Malta.


You can ride between towns and resorts in Malta’s yellow buses, a unique characteristic of this mysterious country. You can then head to Sliema for the best shopping experience. You can buy Malta’s exquisite lace, fine silverware, and intricate pottery.

Which is the best time to visit Malta?

From June to August is the best time to visit Malta. This is the peak season, where the weather is favourable for outdoor activities such as swimming or sightseeing. There are 300 days of sunshine on the island, making September and November a great time to visit.

Which language is spoken in Malta

You don’t need to worry about language barriers when you book direct holidays in Malta. English is the official language of the island nation, with around 88% of its speakers. The remaining 66% can speak Italian. However, 97% of the population can speak Italian as their native language.

Malta Accommodation

You have a wide selection of hotels to choose between when you travel to Malta with mercury. You can expect affordable hotels, delicious meals, and easy transportation. Behotelmalta.com offers the last minute malta accommodation and best deals on holiday packages to Malta.

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