What is there to do in St Julians and Malta?

St Julians can be found on Malta’s East Coast. It is one of the most populated towns on the island. This is a very popular spot for tourists, but it still maintains its Mediterranean charm. St Julians is still a charming place where you can see remnants from old Maltese fishing villages. The vibrant and lively atmosphere makes it a great spot for tourists. St Julian’s is a perfect place to start any Malta trip due to its abundance of bars, restaurants, attractions, the proximity of Valletta, the capital. There are so many things to do in st julians malta. These must-see things will help you make the most of your Malta trip.

1. Spinola Bay Luzzu boats

Spinola Bay is located in central St Julians. This area is perhaps the most well-known in Malta. Spinola Bay boasts several colorful Maltese Luzzu fishing boats. This area is sure to be featured in brochures and travel guides. St Julians is home to some of the most beautiful things in Malta. Take a stroll down the winding promenade, which winds around Spinola Bay. Spinola Bay boasts a multitude of restaurants and bars. You can find something to suit your budget and taste.

2. Paceville is the place for you

If you’re looking at nightlife in St Julian you don’t have much to worry about as Paceville is the center of all Maltese entertainment. Paceville is St Julians’ vibrant district. Its home to a multitude of bars and restaurants as well as nightclubs, if you want a more relaxed evening, away from the hustle and bustle, then you might prefer a quiet drink at Spinola Bay to Paceville. You might prefer to dance the night away in Paceville if you’re on a trip to Malta.

3. Take the ferry to Valletta

Although a day trip is possible to Valletta, Malta’s capital city, one must not miss it. Valletta is a fortified, medieval city filled with fountains sculptures, fountains, gardens, bistros, bars, bistros, and bars. Boulevards lined by a mix of independent and high-end shops line the boulevards. It is close to St Julian’s so it is a must-see during your stay. It’s just a short drive or a 30-minute walk from the Sliema ferry dock (then a 10-minute ferry ride) from St Julian’s. There’s no reason to not visit it!

4. Balluta Bay & the Carmelite Church

Balluta Bay is located near Spinola Bay. Balluta Bay is an excellent place to swim in St Julians. A small, exposed section of sandy beach is visible at low tide. You will find many places to grab a coffee or a drink at the cafes. Balluta Parish Church and the Carmelite Church are located on Balluta Bay’s edge. The Carmelite Church in Roman Catholic style is a stunning neo-gothic church that was built in 1859.

5. St George’s Bay offers a great place for a day of beach fun

St George’s Bay has located just a short distance from Paceville’s vibrant nightlife. St George’s Bay, Malta, is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a day at the beach. St George’s Bay boasts a sandy Blue Flag beach. In this area, you will find numerous hotels, restaurants, and shops. Also, there are facilities such as toilets.

6. A day trip to Comino/Gozo

Even though it’s not located in St Julian the day trip to Comino/Gozo with Sea Adventure Excursions is an essential part of any stay there. The (mostly) uninhabited island Comino can be found between Malta, Gozo and is one of the most extraordinary places to visit in Europe. You’ll find here the Blue Lagoon. It boasts gorgeous waters for swimming or snorkeling. This area is one of Europe’s natural wonders.

The Citadel walls and the view

After a short stop at Comino, we’ll head across the Maltese Archipelago to reach the island of Gozo. It is the second-largest island. The capital of Victoria is within reach. Victoria is home to the Citadel – an antiquity fortification, which has been historically protected from attacks.

9. Bay Street Shopping Centre

Bay Street Shopping Centre is an excellent place to shop if you’re looking for some retail therapy when on vacation in Malta. Bay Street shopping center is nestled amongst St George’s Bay/Paceville. The complex offers both indoor and outdoor shopping. You will find many brands here. If you’re a shop ‘til you drop kind of person, it’s probably somewhere you want to visit during your St Julians stay!

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