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GeneralTop Five Tips To Make A Career Of A Traffic Controller

Top Five Tips To Make A Career Of A Traffic Controller

Are you thinking of a career switch and considering a Traffic control course? You like the idea you can work from home, but the flexibility offered by casual work as a traffic controller would be a good fit for your family. What is the first thing a Traffic Controller should know?

These Are Their Top Five Tips.

Beware Cowboys.It is crucial that you only choose reputable traffic management businesses with a history of paying employees and a solid track record. Make sure you do your research before you approach a company for a job. As a rule of thumb, companies who are members of the industry peak body, The Traffic Management Association of Australia are a good place for job hunting.

Be Willing To Work. In traffic management, respect is essential. When you start your career, you will be a complete unknown to the Schedulers. Their job is to assign traffic controllers to jobs. You need to know that Schedulers can fill many jobs each day. If your first interactions with them involve regular knocking back shifts, don’t be surprised if it stops ringing. Show flexibility and that you are willing to do the work. This will help establish your reputation within the workforce as well as ensure individual growth within the company.

Always Be Prepared. Working as a traffic controller can have its advantages. However, being outdoors means you are vulnerable to the elements. All-weather situations can be expected. While it may start hot, it can quickly turn colder or wetter as you work your shifts. Be sure to have the proper Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE), you need to tackle Melbourne’s incredible four seasons within one day. Many job sites are far from shops so you’ll need to ensure you have everything you need for your shift. Keep in mind that you must always be prepared in the event of a job going sour or taking longer than anticipated. So pack more than you think you will need.

Prepare To Deal With Conflict. Like a traffic controller, you will have to interact with people coming from different backgrounds when dealing with the public. Management of conflict is a part of the job. Drivers sometimes get upset at an unneeded delay to their commute. For any eventuality, you can read about conflict resolution to help you prepare. You must be polite when dealing with people, even if they are verbally abusing you. Although this can be difficult, it helps to stop the situation from spiraling out of control, reduces complaints from the public, and is appreciated by clients.

You Must Be Punctual It May Seem Obvious But It Is Essential That You Allow Enough Time For Your Work To Arrive On Time. It is not always easy to locate your job site. This can often be your first problem. Clients will be frustrated if you arrive late to a job. It can have a knock-on effect that can delay work and cost them money. The construction industry is all about time. One late traffic controller may stop dozens or more expensive tradesmen from doing their work. Make sure you allow enough time for your job.

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